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FORCOAST Final Conference

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As FORCOAST is reaching the final completion stages, and with the services already working operationally, we will be hosting a final Conference on 5th October 2022. It will take place in Brussels, with the possibility of joining online. The agenda can be found at the end of this post.

Do not miss out this opportunity to engage with the developers behind the services and system, talk to end-users in the sector of fishery, aquaculture and restoration and discuss with the FORCOAST team about how we can support your operational and planning activities.

We will be showcasing, alongside discussions and presentations on the different aspects of our offer, the 7 different services, namely:

  • Marine Conditions: know during which times of the day the water level is adequate for your operations.
  • Land Pollution: asses the risk of pollutants affecting your area of interest.
  • Site Prospection: evaluate the suitability of certain areas for aquaculture based on your requirements.
  • Spat Capture Assistance: get a time window estimation for spat arrival.
  • Contaminants Source Retrieval: know the likely sources of contaminants reaching your area of interest.
  • Fronts Detection: locate strong and weak temperature and chlorophyll ocean fronts.
  • Suitable Fishing Areas: identify areas where certain fish species are likely to be found.

To join the Conference, please sign up here.

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