The Atlantic Pilot enables the exchange of information between the Oyster producer (ExporSado) and the research centre (IST) and the creation of fit-for-purpose products and services. IST provides meteorological, oceanographic and watershed modelling outputs to ExporSado in order to gain understanding in the variability of oyster growth associated to environmental conditions. Continuous in situ observations are collected during the lifetime of the project and will serve to evaluate the quality of modelling results and remotely observed products.

This pilot uses a system that is composed of three embedded models for different spatial scales. The whole system is based on the MOHID numerical modelling system, whose development was initiated by MARETEC. The system allows for simulating physical and biogeochemical processes.

Remote sensing products and numerical modelling results are compared with continuous in-situ observations and provide high temporal and spatial information that can aid in decision making.  Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) models are adapted to the Portuguese oyster and allow monitoring the performance of this species to environmental changes.

This pilot is capitalized at two levels: at the regional level due to their close relationship with other oyster producers in the Pilot area and at national level due to their involvement of ExporSado as a board member in the Portuguese Association of Aquaculture (APA, in Portuguese).