Black Sea mariculture currently focuses on fin fish species of high economic value. In recent years, other resources have gained interest, such as mussels and the rapa whelk. Shellfish aquaculture is not developed to its full potential in the Black Sea region due to environmental constraints and an unclear legislative framework. The promotion of scientific, technical and legislative bases for this activity is absolutely necessary. This pilot case is a downscaling of the CMEMS BS-MFC-BIO forecast focusing on the Danube, Dniepr, and Dniestr deltas and the North-western and eventually western Bulgarian shelves (depending on user interests).

Engage users of the Shellfish Aquaculture Demonstrative Center ADC-S community to redefine targeted products, and how those should be delivered (service) to best support decision taking in the Aquaculture implementation (site selection and multi-use) and operation (support for management decision). Prototype products are issued and their operational exploitation (i.e. the service) are developed in the frame of the ADC-S.

The data used for these services are based on two models. A physical and a biogeochemical one. The pyhsical model is Nemo 3.6 and the biogeochimical model is called BAMHBI and is developed at the University of Liège.