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FORCOAST at Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 in San Diego

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This week, from 16th until 21st February, the biennial Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 conference is taking place in San Diego, California. The event is a great opportunity for the scientific community to raise awareness on the current status of the ocean, share the advances made in the different marine areas and connect with relevant networks. This year’s focus is framed under the ‘For a Resilient Planet’ statement, stressing the potential of how scientists, together with governments and different communities can contribute towards the various challenges the global oceans are facing at the moment.

In line with the theme of this year, FORCOAST is taking part in the Ocean Sciences Meeting dealing with the food security topic, specifically in contributing to a safer and sustainable food supply. FORCOAST is allocated under the poster session ‘New Technologies and Methods in Fisheries’. The foreseen information services to be provided by FORCOAST on its platform will mean a step forward on how users in the aquaculture and fishery sectors can manage their operations and improve the efficiency of their activities. The use of Copernicus data in combination with local monitoring data and advanced modelling brings new technological possibilities by integrating these different sources of data, making information availability more accessible to the users.

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